CCS Kids

Ages 6-12 Years (1st to 6th Grade)

Our Mission

We will help you introduce those who do not know Jesus as their personal Savior to Him. We will help you introduce your children to the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the same. We will help you teach your children how to communicate with the Lord and listen to His voice through prayer, the Bible and worship. We will help you teach your children about the Holy Spirit and activate the gifts inside each of them. We will help you teach your children about choices and consequences from a Godly perspective and their role in making good choices in their daily lives.

We will help you teach your children one of the greatest powers we have been given by God, which is the power of choice, and how each choice, no matter how large or small, impacts them and others around them. We will help you teach your children how God is Love. We will help you teach your children that He commands us to love one another and live in a place of understanding repentance and forgiveness, not only for themselves but also for others.

Our purpose is not to have an atmosphere of entertainment surround our ministry. We will have fun, but we will also infuse fun with learning and the Word. The children need to understand that this is a place of learning, just as if they were at school or in adult church, and they need to make proper choices.

Our Vision:

To introduce your children to their Daddy God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit and then cultivate a relationship with the same.

The Children:

Each child has a Spirit within them calling out to God, and each has the same Spirit as any other human. None of us are different in God's eyes. Each child has a specific calling, and we are here to cultivate the calling and empower the children to walk in their callings.


God is above all. Next comes the family. God has anointed each parent with a specific mantle of leadership and responsibility, both spiritually and physically, for their children. We are coming alongside you to teach your children to have a deeper relationship with their Savior and Lord and to cultivate their gifts and fruits in their daily Spiritual lives.

Our Purpose:

To help you, the parent, help your children grow in a relationship with God, teach them how to communicate with Him on a personal level, and to allow them to understand how He speaks to us, and through us, in many ways. To take that knowledge and understanding and be able to introduce others to Jesus, and to use the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit that have been given to each of us to further the Kingdom.

Looking for a safe, fun place for your kids?

Let our loving staff look after and teach your children about the
Bible while you enjoy our adult services.