Who Are We?

Christian Center Shreveport is a non-denominational church with a heart for its city and surrounding region. The scriptural mandates are our driving force to participate with the Lord in establishing His kingdom in all areas of our culture. We desire to use the authority given to us to promote and participate in seeing the Lord’s purposes rule in the church, business, media, arts, education, government and family arenas. We believe that if God is given authority in all of these areas, our culture and nation will be turned to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our desire at Christian Center is to create environments that allow people to experience the presence of God. We desire to have not only an intellectual understanding of God but also a deep relational encounter with the living God. We have developed a School of Ministry to teach how to enter into the deeper things of God so that the Lord may instruct His people and knit them much deeper into the kingdom of God.