21 Days of Prayer & Fasting
on February 4th, 2024
21 Days of Prayer & FastingFeb 4th to Feb 25thJoin us as we set aside 21 Days for prayer and fasting as a Body. We feel this is an important appointment with the Lord as we HUMBLE ourselves and Seek His Face. The fast will begin tonight at sundown and ends on February 25th (at noon). Please check our website and CCS app for updates!If you have a medical condition, please consult with your physicia...  Read More
Firstfruits (2023/5783)
on April 10th, 2023
“Honor the Lord from your wealth and from the first of all your produce.  So your barns will be filled with plenty and vats will overflow with new wine.” Proverbs 3:9-10FirstFruit principle is an amazing generational blessing that the Lord introduced to His people and has been functioning since the times of Moses.  1 Cor 15:20 -“But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of tho...  Read More
Exposing Bitter Root Strongholds Course
on March 28th, 2023
Click on the link to access notes and audio teaching from our Exposing Bitter Root Strongholds course. Please feel free to share the link with other ladies as well. Blessingshttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yl6QheqnCTvSaKaNKQVXIHtPPLNPh43P?usp=sharing...  Read More
How A Nation Is Destroyed by Todd Trahan
on March 30th, 2022
So there I was, in Southern Poland, walking through the entrance of a “factory” built exclusively to kill people. The place is called Birkenau. It is one of many facilities in the Auschwitz Complex built by the Nazi Party (official name - National Socialist German Workers Party) and Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews and other people groups thought to be “inferior races.”...  Read More
5782 Prophetic Word
on September 20th, 2021
Flames Of FireThe Lord is going to make this a year a great year of release.  He is going to dispatch the host of heaven for assignments to war with and for His broken ones (Dan 9:23).  It will be a year for those who have only been known to be “attendees” to become “Flames Of Fire” that are sent out (John 4:19).   He says the season of sitting and waiting have come to an end.  They will be energi...  Read More
Yom Kippur 5781 Prophetic Word
on January 10th, 2021
Liberty In this year the Lord’s adequacy will be on full display.  We will approach circumstances and assignments and know that we know we can’t accomplish them….but God’s adequacy will do through us wonders we never thought was possible.    We will see a display of the Spirit of God manifest so greatly we will struggle to believe what our physical eyes will literally see.  We will say “I can’t be...  Read More