5782 Prophetic Word

Spoken by: Apostle Tim Carscadden
Date Given: 9/19/2021

Flames Of Fire

The Lord is going to make this a year a great year of release.  He is going to dispatch the host of heaven for assignments to war with and for His broken ones (Dan 9:23).  It will be a year for those who have only been known to be “attendees” to become “Flames Of Fire” that are sent out (John 4:19).   He says the season of sitting and waiting have come to an end.  They will be energized with vision and the boldness to become these burning ones.  They will not wait for their affirmation from man before they step out, but will act on the message given to them by the Father (Gal 1:10).  This will not manifest as rebellion to their alignment, but rather will flow out of their alignment.  

These ones that will be called “Flames of Fire” will be ones who will have their paths cleared out before them by their partnership with the host of heaven (Ps 37:23).  Commands from the Lord to His angels will be released as they will be assigned to this company (Ps 91:11).  The only desire of the Lord from this group is to hear “Here am I Lord send me,” at which time covenants will be released to connect heaven’s host with earth’s servants (Isa 6:8).  

You Will Grow Where He Planted You

This year the enemy will send great temptations to run and move away from the places the Lord has planted you (Acts 17:26).  These ones will seek places of “safety” away from the impending battle.  If they run, they will lose their peace and great reward before the Lord.  If they run, they will become complacent, and their love will grow cold as they will lack the discernment to recognize their spiritual state.  

For the Lord says “those who stay where the Lord has planted them will grow exponentially as the Lord will lift them to new heights in the Spirit and even in the natural beyond what they could have ever imagined” (Ps 1:3).

These planted ones will have a limitless supply of provision and will always be able to drink in the place of satisfaction.  The harder the battle…the greater they will grow and prosper.  The enemy will become frustrated with these ones as he sees his efforts to attack will see them rewarded with abundance from the Lord for those who will “Stay and Stand.”  These strong ones will regain their youth and visions from years past will be fulfilled before their very eyes (Ps 103:5).

Judgments Leading To Repentance

The Lord says “I will not withhold many judgments in this coming year.  The bowls of injustice have provoked me to release My hand to vindicate.  I cannot and will not continue to allow the profaning of My laws in the land.  Prepare yourself by returning to me with all your heart and with true humility.  For as you return in this way, I will be gracious and compassionate concerning these ones and they will experience my kindness and mercy.” (Joel 2:12-13)

The Lord would say again, “Surely know this, that even though many will return to me this way and be protected, My judgments to execute justice will be released.  Time has come for the needed correction.  All my true lovers will be pleased by these judgments even as some hardships will be experienced by all.” (Ps 94:15)

I then saw His fire go throughout the land and lick up the wicked and they will be exposed for their evil deeds in unusual ways.  Their deception will be so great, they will not realize their doom is upon them as they will be removed from their towers of influence (Luke 1:52).

The Lord says, “Don’t be deceived my loved ones by these judgments…They are My kindness that will produce a harvest of justice and repentance in the land.  Many in my house will cry ‘the devil, the devil,’ but it will be My hand bringing the needed alignment.” (Ps 98:9)

Steps of Faith

I was given a dream and I saw these stairs leading to an “upper room…a prophet’s place” to ascend so you will be able to know which steps must be taken in the coming year.  The stairs would be dark until you took the next step up. Once you stepped up by faith, the step would become fully lit up.  

I then heard 2 verses to go with this dream:
Song of Songs 2:14 - as the Lord will carry you to the secret place of the stairs to give needed directions.  
Isaiah 30:21 - “Your ears will hear a Word behind you say this is the way” should you hear another voice giving the wrong steps to take.  

Truth will be the light on these stairs guiding you to make choices and decisions.  Pray now that you have the ears to hear and the Lord would also say, “cease complaining that you can’t see further up the stairway” and trust me to be a light unto your path (Ps 119:105).

Governmental Judgments

For the Lord says “it’s time that my true Apostles and Prophets will once again take their governmental roles and release My judgments from Heaven.  They will enter a new realm of revelation to understand when I release a judgment it is always redemptive in its purpose.  

Many of them have avoided this responsibility in the last season from the fear of the people, but a new boldness will be released to them for this needed mandate.”  

The Lord says, “The days of ‘Candy’ prophets have come to an end for those who only tell the people what they want to hear (Isa 30:10).  Watch my hand as I will remove their influence if they don’t repent and take up their designated governmental roles.”  The earth is searching for the Word of the Lord and now I am anointing those who yield their mouths to my service (Amos 8:10).  

Why Do The Unjust Rule?

The Lord said, “I have heard the cries of my church asking the question, ‘Why have unjust and corrupt leaders been allowed to rule over us?’ I have allowed these to have a place of authority until a true movement of repentance occurs that will lead my church to walk in the faithfulness of my strength and provision.” (Dan 2:21)  

“The gaze of My church has been upon man’s strength to turn the nations for long enough now (Jer 17:5).  I am causing them to gaze into My eyes and see things as I see them, rather than through their eyes that have been tainted with opinion.  

I have declared war on the carnal soulish realm that has cast its ideas for solutions and I will be known for the wisdom I am releasing to direct My Ekklesia to have the solutions to unsolvable mysteries.”  

Number For The Year 5782 - “55”

Through an unusual dream I was led to hear that the number for this year to watch is “55.”  

The key scripture that was given to align with this number was: Isaiah 55:10-11 - “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater; 11 So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”

The Lord says, “even the smallest words, or what many would consider the least likely to succeed, will be accomplished this year.”  For His mouth (Peh) will both blow the word out and bring the 2-edged sword to bring about great accomplishments.  The Lord will push these words and bend men’s hearts who try to come against their fulfillment.  

Psalms 55:22 - “Cast your burden upon the Lord and he will sustain you; He will Never allow the righteous to be shaken.”

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