How A Nation Is Destroyed by Todd Trahan

How a Nation is Destroyed
By Todd Trahan

So there I was, in Southern Poland, walking through the entrance of a “factory” built exclusively to kill people. The place is called Birkenau. It is one of many facilities in the Auschwitz Complex built by the Nazi Party (official name - National Socialist German Workers Party) and Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews and other people groups thought to be “inferior races.”

I stood in the place where the boxcars jammed with men, women and children would be unloaded and everyone was led to a German officer called “The Finger Man.” This man would determine if people would go directly to the gas chambers or into the work force with a simple point of his finger. It was at this place that a question arose in me that needed to be answered, “How does a nation get to this place?”

Throughout my time in Poland, God began to show me the progression into this moral abyss that was Nazi Germany and some glimpses into the many willing and ignorant participants in this dark time in human history. I saw pictures of religious leaders, from Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox to Lutheran, sitting next to Hitler agreeing to the turning over of Jews to the Germans. I also saw statues and memorials to Ministers in these same religions, honoring those, who at risk of and sometimes in spite of the loss of their own lives, saved as many people from the gas chambers as possible. These heroes are still honored to this day.

It became obvious that some, who had the guidance of the Word of God and its precepts, were blinded to the evil right in front of them. They did not recognize one of the most demonic men in the history of the world! Others saw very clearly what was going on and it guided their actions in the midst of this dark time in history. It was this reality, that some were blind and some had eyes to see, that became the foundation of the answer I sought.

The Five Foundational Principles

There are five foundational principles that govern life because they are the foundations of all of life as God established it in the beginning. We see these principles in the very first book of the Bible – Genesis. Get on the wrong side of these principles and you are positioned for blindness. Ascend into governmental power in disagreement with God on these principles and you have the makings of a demonic government and a horror story like the Holocaust.

These five principles are:

  1. Creation – God is the Creator
  2. Life – God is the Giver of Life
  3. Marriage – God establish marriage between man and woman
  4. Sexuality – A man will know his wife and bring forth children created in the image of God
  5. Israel – God established this nation and brought forth the Savior, Jesus Christ, through this lineage.

In didn’t take much research to conclude that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were in direct opposition to God in all five of these areas. Below are the five principles we find in Scripture and the corresponding views in opposition that Hitler and the Nazis held.

BIBLE                                        NAZI PARTY                       
1) Creator                                Evolution – Hitler was a huge fan of Darwin (1)                            
2) Life                                       Eugenics – believed in superior races (2)                            
3) Marriage                             Perverted - his view on marriage was just weird (3)                            
4) Sexuality                             Homosexuality – Hitler was a flagrant homosexual (4)                    
5) Israel                                   Anti- Semitic – Hitler hated the Jews (5)    
Is it Happening Today?

With this experience and information as a backdrop I began connecting the dots here in America and found that many are following the same pattern. This pattern is a rejection of God’s foundational principles and is on full display. We see it in individuals and this has been going on for some time. But now a political party has embraced this rejection of God and His Word. A political party has decided to make it part of their foundation to be in disagreement with God’s foundation. This political party is the Democratic Party in America.
BIBLE                                      DEMOCRAT PARTY
1) Creator                              Evolution
2) Life                                      Abortion
3) Marriage                            Same Sex Marriage
4) Sexuality                            Homosexuality, Transgenderism
5) Israel                                  Anti- Semitic

Some of these views are supported in writing in the Democratic Party Platform and others are just the dispositions and beliefs of many leaders in the party itself. Did you not cringe when you saw women cheering in New York when Democrat Governor Cuomo signed a bill that allows babies to be killed all the way to the moments before birth? This bill was passed through a majority Democrat Senate and House. The Democratic Governor of Virginia commented about the possibility of killing a baby outside of the womb if it survives an abortion! What about the recent anti-Semitic remarks of the Democrat Muslim Congresswomen who did not get condemned by her own party. One Muslim Congresswoman described the terrorist attacks of 9-11 as “some people did something.” The examples could go on and on and they are almost daily now in frequency.
Christians in the Democratic Party

In the same way that I was shocked to see those ministers in Germany sitting next to Hitler, I am shocked that so many who claim to be Christians belong to and support the modern day Democratic Party in America. The hardest to accept are the Pastor and Priest who should know the Word of God the best.

I am also shocked to see politicians who claim to be Christians not only belong to but support the Democratic Party as well. The politicians who tout their Pro-Life positions and still belong to the Democratic Party are the hardest to accept. Those same local and state level politicians vote for people nationally who will do everything in their power to allow babies to be killed in the womb, while claiming to be Pro-Life.

Some of these politicians will say that the Pro-Life issue is not a “partisan” issue. Well, I have only one comment concerning that. The Democratic Party “made” this a partisan issue when they decided to enshrine “abortion on demand” in their party platform! How is this not a partisan issue when on a national and state level the Democratic Party leadership does all they can do to elect pro-abortion leaders and state in writing that their agenda includes the absolute, unrestricted access to abortion, even if taxpayers need to pay for it! While I am thankful that they are Pro-Life personally, I did not understand how they can ignore the contradiction. I used to think this was insanity. Now I know it is blindness!

Then there are those who do not belong to the Democratic Party but vote for Democrats all the while claiming to believe differently than the party they just supported with their vote!
Please understand, that if the devil can get people to believe the opposite of God's Word in these areas and then have people who believe this ascend to positions of power he can destroy a nation. Sure the nation may still exist and maybe even have some semblance of prosperity but the moral fiber of the people will have been destroyed and sooner than later the absence of the blessing of God will be revealed.

Hitter was appointed as Chancellor and then his party won a majority in Parliament. When the Nazi Party won a majority they passed the Enable Act to allow Hitler to become the Dictator of Germany. Then, the people elected him as both President and Chancellor. THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

We must note that Hitler’s rise to power was implemented by the vote of the people of Germany.

Do you belong in a political party that parallels the same disagreements with God and His word concerning these foundational principles? Should you vote for anyone who belongs to or supports this party? I hope you see the error in such thinking.

Todd Trahan

  1. Hitler was a big fan of Charles Darwin and the lie of evolution provided a philosophy that governed his view on people. Just look at the title of Darwin’s book. “On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.” Where do you think Hitler got the idea of “superior races?”
  2. Hitler erroneous belief about creation led to eugenics. Here is the definition – “The study or practice of attempting to improve the human gene pool by encouraging the reproduction of people considered to have desirable traits and discouraging or preventing the reproduction of people considered to have undesirable traits.” (Free Dictionary). So the Nazi Party started playing God and killing people.
  3. In short, Hitler was weird. He got married to Eva Braun 40 hours before he and his wife shot themselves in a bunker. His relations with women were marked by weirdness.
  4. Hitler was a known homosexual and a basic search produces many pictures of him with his male partners. In fact, the Nazi Party was ridiculed early on for being the “The Brotherhood of Poofs.”
  5. Hitler absolutely despised the Jewish people. He dehumanized them and even said they were rats.


Greg Carter - March 30th, 2022 at 11:01am

Thank you Todd for this article, and for praying and sharing truth with us at CCS. May we be transformed by the renewing of our minds, and not lulled further into apathy-complacency. Shalom! Greg

DSW - May 1st, 2023 at 4:00pm

Loved how you made the comparisons between the Republican and Democratic Parties. So true. More people need to read this.