What do you look like healed? | Jon West | 2/11/2024

Feb 11, 2024    Jon West

Pastor Jon West gives insight into the prophetic and how we can delay God’s plan in this message. He shares that when we are healed, we come to know God more, we hear God clearer, and we can discern His word. If we don’t allow prophetic words to test us and purify us, we are then delaying the Lord in His plans. If we want to step into our prophetic words, we must embrace the Lord’s healing process. But we must not allow our lack of healing to not allow us to step into His calling. 

As we come into this week, we should walk out our prophetic words and allow the Lord’s healing and purifying process to take place in our lives. But we can’t allow our lack to hold us back from entering God’s plan for our lives.

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