Walking in Our Divine Destiny | Lindi Griffith

Mar 24, 2024    Lindi Griffith

Our worship leader, Lindi Griffith, gives us a message about Purim, the celebration of how the Israelite's were delivered, and what that means for us today. She dives into Esther 4 and relates it to our divine destiny. We all have a divine destiny that God designed us for, and we can choose to walk in it or walk into something we are not made for. She talks about how when we walk in our divine destiny, we walk into the fullness of what God has designed and made our life for and how we can walk it out.

As we receive this, let’s confront the areas in our lives where we could be standstill and come before the Lord to reveal His truth. So then we can walk out in the plans and destiny He has placed before us.

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