Israel In Crisis

Oct 9, 2023    Tim Carscadden, Reegis Richard

Welcome back! We’ve been silent, but not out. You may have noticed a few things that look different.  We’ve changed the name to The Pipeline Report from Pipeline Intercession for The President as the Lord has placed it on our hearts to cover more topics than that just of the US President.


We’re ramping back up after listening to the Lord and taking a short break this year as we gear up for the rest of this year and 2024.

On today’s episode we’ll be listening to our discussing from our Noon Prayer Watch from Monday, October 9th, on what has been taking place in the Land of Israel. This is a timeless podcast to listen to as we discuss with our Dear friend Beni Freidman, who lives in Israel. We also have Pastor Regis Richards on to help us posture our hearts and pray accordingly.


Be sure to go back and listen a few times to catch what was said and share with those who need to hear this message during this time.

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Until next time, let’s remember “To keep our emotions in check because we have souls to save”