What does it mean to be a student-intern?

At Aleph School of Ministry (ASM) each student has the opportunity (and is encouraged) to apply for a student-intern position. The student-intern program gives the student a greater, holistic experience in regards to ministry work. Student-interns will receive the same educational experience as a regular student; however, interns will remain on campus after lunch in order to perform ministry duties which are connected with Christian Center Shreveport Church as well as ASM. Interns will be partnered with departments such as: Nursery Ministry, Kids Ministry, Youth Ministry, Media & Production, Healing Team, Prophetic Team, Outreach & Evangelism, Intercession, and Worship Team. Interns can also expect to assist with a variety of other responsibilities & duties at ASM as well as Christian Center Shreveport Church.

The Student-Intern Program allows for students to attend ministry school while also working in the ministry. As such, it provides a better opportunity for students in regards to experience and discipleship. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside their classroom instructors throughout the week creating a more biblical style of discipleship.

Student-Interns will also receive compensation for their intern-related duties performed throughout the week. interns can expect to work anywhere from 8-16 hours a week in addition to their student responsibilities. ASM can only provide a limited amount of Student-Intern Position; however, we encourage all to apply.

If you are interested in applying for a Student-Intern position, make sure to select the appropriate box in the ASM application form found here.

If you have any questions regarding the Student-Intern Program at ASM please contact us at aleph@christiancentershreveport.com.

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