Bibilical Style Discipleship

ASM combines both foundational knowledge courses with practical experience courses in its curriculum. As such, Students will gain a deep understanding of Scriptures while also receiving the hands-on experiences that are normal in ministry. Our classes are divided into two categories: Foundational & Practical.

ASM seeks to approach the heart of Jesus’ discipleship method. Teach, Demonstrate, Guide, and Commission. ASM creates an atmosphere for  students to gain both thorough knowledge and practical experience of the content. Students will receive instructional teaching and hear about personal experiences from faculty.  They will observe practical demonstrations of the content from the faculty member, and then display their own understanding of the content through practice under the guidance of the instructor in a safe and educational environment. Finally, they will be released and commissioned to go and do the work of the ministry. Opportunities for practical experience will be provided by ASM for students to get firsthand experience.

ASM believes that the Rabbinic model of discipleship helps promote the most growth and learning where students work alongside their instructors. Unlike most schools, ASM creates an opportunity for students to spend hours a week with their instructors outside of the classroom where they are able to learn, practice, and grow all while doing the work of the ministry.  

Daily Schedule

Below is an example of a daily Schedule 
    8:15am - 9:15am - Morning devotion and prayer
    9:30am -11:45am - Class
    12:00pm -1:00pm - Ministry Opportunities (prayer, worship, etc.)
    1:00pm - 2:15pm - Lunch break 
    *2:15pm - 4:30pm - Ministry Responsibilities *For Student Interns Only
    6:30pm - Night Events

Student Expectations

The ASM curriculum will help form and require discipline on behalf of the students. Our students are expected to meet the following requirements of behavior:

Maintain a daily life of devotion to Christ above all things while seeking His will in all things.

Attend all classes and events in a timely manner according to the Attendance Guidelines in the Student Handbook.

Complete all readings & assignments.

Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of material.

Participate in the practical portions of each course as well as all times of ministry.

Engage and participate in group discussions, activities, activation exercises, and events.

Display a lifestyle of honor and integrity towards others as well as all activities related to ASM.

Abide by the Student Conduct Guidelines found in the Student Handbook.

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