His Wheat Is About to Be Seen | 10/22/2023

Oct 22, 2023    Tim Carscadden

This week we released a prophetic word were Pastor Tim saw that we are in a moment in time where the Lord wants to reveal His wheat from the tares. We are in a moment in history to pray for the chaff to be revealed. In the natural, we are in a place of war. God wants warriors to rise up in this season.

This goes with a recent word Pastor Tim released, "Chaos in Calamity", where the Lord is causing the things of this world to collapse. Those who have trust in the Lord will become leaders in the places God has placed you in this coming season. The proper fear is to have the fear of the Lord, no matter what the world says about us. We must let truth prevail.

This week let's intercede for the strength to stand with the fear of the Lord in the places God has placed us in our lives.