Staying Focused on the Lord in Troubling Times | Lighthouse Corner

Apr 7, 2024    Jon West, Scott Hooper, Tim Carscadden

Pastor Jon West comes up and reads Psalm 104, talking about how the Lord established boundaries and is in control at this hour. He then reads from 1 Corinthians 15, talking about how putting on the garment of Jesus will bring an inheritance. He shares about how the Lord is shaking the earth right now and that we should not be distracted by it. We should be reminded that we are covered by the garment of eternal life and that He is over the heavens and the earth and is sending out His angelic host. 

Pastor Jon then speaks and prays against any confusion, division, or fog that may be going on in people’s lives. He prays for there to be a spirit of self-control. We also must stay focused on the fact that God has made the earth and wants to cover us in this hour. 

Pastor Scott Hooper then gets up and shares about the angelic activity going on and reveals that they are ready to take our petitions before the Lord. He then invites people to offer their prayers and the things we have been contending for. If we offer up our prayers and petitions right now, the Lord wants to envelop around them and cover them. We must come before the Lord in this hour with the things we are pushing in for. 

He then prays into what Jon covered earlier and offers up a prayer revolving around the Kingdom and a move of the Spirit around the world. 

Pastor Tim Carscadden then gets up and shares from Luke 18 about the unjust judge. In this story, a widow keeps going back to a judge with her petition to bring justice. Finally, after the widow had gone to the judge for some time, he decided to bring justice. He talks about how God is not like an unjust judge and that His timing is perfect. He encourages everyone to keep praying and coming before the Lord with our petitions and prayers and to not lose heart in the matter. At the right time, the Lord will deliver.

In this time, we should make sure we stay focused on the Lord, and that we don’t allow division or confusion to tear us away from relationships that the Lord has placed in our lives. At the same time, we should offer our prayers and incense to the Lord and look to Him who is over all and not lose heart. 

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