Let the Lord Take His Vengeance | Lighthouse Corner

Jon West, Tim Carscadden, Scott Hooper

This past Sunday, our pastors felt a word of the Lord dealing with our anger and the Lord’s vengeance. Pastor Jon West was reminded where King David was about to kill someone he was nice to because he was simply angry at them, but Abigail stepped in and gave him counsel. He translates it as the Lord wanting to step in and allow Him to bring His judgment and not us. When we do submit to the Lord and bless whom we are angry with, we will then obtain blessing. 

Pastor Tim Carscadden gets up and adds to Jon’s word. He shares from Psalm 64, which talks about taking refuge in God from our enemies and allowing God to shoot the arrow. He parallels it with the gallows that Haman made in the book of Esther. God will take the gallows that our enemies made and turn it against them for the kingdom. We don’t have to worry about taking vengeance into our hands, for the Lord will judge them righteously and turn it for His goodness. He then shares about surrendering and when we surrender the Lord will filter out our frustrations. 

Pastor Scott Hooper then gets up and pushes into dealing with unholy anger. He presses into prayer, breaking off all unholy anger off the body and giving it all to God. 

As we receive this word, let’s commune with God about where we have any areas of unholy anger and submit them to Him. We must allow the Lord to work, for He is the righteous judge. When we do submit to Him, He will release blessing over His people and break off our frustrations. 

If this word encourages you, share it with your friends or family! We are excited about where the Lord is taking us in this season.