Advancing with Heavenly Compassion | 11/19/23

Jon West

During worship, we released a word that the Lord wanted to give us a new sensitivity to time. We are reminded of Lot in Genesis, when he was in Sodom & Gomorrah where angels were sent to escort him out before the city burned. Lot had a false sense of compassion and it caused him to hesitate and almost prevented him from going where he was called to go.

At times, we are held back by our gift of compassion to hold on when God is saying to move on. There may be some who are concerned about being left in a desert season if the body were to move on. Nehemiah 9:19-20 tells us about how God’s Spirit will meet you in that season and you will be satisfied. 

This week come to the Lord to get in alignment with His timing. We want to be like the tribe of Issachar who knew the times and seasons. Let's break off anything that is preventing you from advancing and give thanks for His promises over our lives.