Speaking to the Mountain with Faith | 11/26/23

Tim Carscadden

Sunday, one of our worship team members felt from the Lord to share a word she had received before service. She shared from Matthew 17:20-21 about having faith the size of a mustard seed. 

Pastor Tim comes up and expands more on the word, about having faith for words over your life that don’t seem to be moving. These words could be words about your calling, scripture, vision, or anything that God has given you. He encourages everyone to begin to decree these words. Then he inspires everyone to speak to your word, that God has given to you and declare that it will happen. 

As we listen to this word, we should pray and ask God to reveal the words he has spoken over our lives and declare what He has spoken regarding it. Let this word stir up faith in you as we look expectantly to God’s word over our lives.