Releasing the Full Sound of the Lord | Lighthouse Corner

Apr 7, 2024    Jon West

Pastor Jon West shares a vision he had from this past week. He saw people in a wave pool and some people had guitars in their hands that they were playing but the guitars only had two strings. Then he heard the Lord say “these people do not have a confirmation to be in this pool. It is time for them to get out, I am trying to save them from the up and down of the waves that are coming if they choose to stay.” Then he saw gags come and gag the mouths of the people in the pool. Then he heard the Lord speak again, saying “if they do not get out of the pool, I am going to gag them. There is going to be a lack of definition in their life. They are not going to be able to define what is going on or what season they are in. The reason for this is that they do not have a confirmation to be in the pool that they are in now. I want to play the whole guitar with six strings. I want to release a whole sound, I don’t want just a piece of sound.” 

Pastor Jon then hears again from the Lord saying, “I am not going to send my wind to get them out. If they do not listen to the lifeguard they will go up and down and go under.” Pastor Jon then shares this warning and gives direction about seeking the Lord to find confirmation about what we are pursuing right now. He emphasizes that we must be intentional about this right now. The Lord desires to play the full sound rather than playing two strings of our hearts. 

As we receive this word, let’s seek the Lord wholeheartedly about the things in our hearts and make sure we are seeking the right things for Him and not for us. We do not want to be pouring into something that the Lord has not called us to. We also don’t want to be pouring into an idea of our calling instead of what God has called us to. 

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