Waves of His Spirit | 11/12/23

Tim Carscadden

This past Sunday during worship we released a word about His Spirit being our strength and not our will. The scripture referenced is a passage from Zechariah where God was speaking to Israel for restoration. Pastor Tim saw a vision where he saw waves of God's grace pouring over us and where parts of our life are in rubble that we should speak grace to it.

Later, Pastor Tim saw more waves of God coming, waves of revival and His anointing. As we are in an hour of trial, God is releasing His spirit to give us strength to withstand this current hour.

He also saw God releasing a wave of wisdom that's going to give us strategy in how to invest money. This goes back to a word that Pastor Tim released back in 2019 about investing. As we invest, God is going to bless His people with exactly what we're going to need. As we stay faithful to God in this hour, God is going to be able to advance His kingdom.

If your life is in a state of turmoil or disaster, take your cares before the Lord as He is sending His waves of grace and wisdom over us.