Removing the Stops Over Promises | 12/3/23

Tim Carscadden, Roger Merschbrock

Delays are being removed. We released a prophetic word from the Lord that He is going to remove the stops that have been prohibiting His promises from taking place. In the areas of our destiny that have been held up by the enemy, the Lord is wanting to remove the blockage. We must let go of our unbelief as He disciplines us to accept His call on our lives, Psalm 139:16. Let’s look forward with expectancy because His word is Yes and Amen, rejoicing in His promises.


Pastor Tim also goes on to speak this word over our community. The wells will be unplugged! This goes back to a word about wells of revival that would spring up in Shreveport.


The Lord is hedging us in. He wants us to stay focused on areas He has gifted us with, so that we can reach the promises the Lord has in store for us. If we aren’t hedged in by the Lord, we are going to go off the path. But as we repent and turn back, the Lord is going to continue to move forward with a Yes.


Let us receive this word with expectancy over the promises that the Lord has promised us in our lives! Make sure to share this with a friend or family that you believe for their promises!