Impossible Promises Being Rebuilt

Apr 28, 2024    Tim Carscadden

After hearing Roger Mershbrock speak tongues, Pastor Tim Carscadden heard the Lord say that we are in a moment where the impossible will be made possible. Where the rubble from the past will be the building blocks for the future and we should focus on what is going to be built rather than what’s not built right now. He also heard the Lord say and speak from Psalm 91:5-10, that we should not fear the enemy or the terror of the night. 

He encourages us that we should walk in faith for the future and prays about what the Lord is rebuilding. He heard the Lord say that He’s raising a group of people that’s going to build what He wants to build and that any weapon formed against us will not prosper. 

He then heard the Lord say if we are obedient to His will, that He is going to send hornets against the enemy that is possessing what we have been promised to have. Pastor Tim then prays and rebukes the enemy and declares that we will possess what the Lord has promised.

As we receive this word, let’s have faith in what the Lord is rebuilding in our lives and push forward to His promises. The enemy will not possess the promises the Lord has specially placed for us. And as the enemy sends terror against us, we will not fear because the Lord has said His promises will come to pass. 

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